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I have been a very happy customer of Jersey Mike's for several years and have had a wonderful experience at every location until today. My experience started of pleasant as the young man behind he counter took me and my mother's order.

He passed our order to the young lady that was with him so he could prepare other orders. The young lady seemed very agitated at having to take the order but I dismissed it thinking maybe I was overreacting though there were barely any customers and no apparent issues. Without asking if we were dinning in or not she began packing our order. My mother simply told her that it was a dine-in order.

The young lady sighed as if she may have been aggravated then dumped the sandwich out the bag and tossed it on the counter. Again I dismissed her action and paid for our food and sat down to eat. My father joined us a few minutes later. He ordered a hot sandwich and sat down to wait.

When the sandwich was finished she brought it to the table in a to go bag and he asked her if there was anything on the sandwich because he had wanted lettuce and tomato and before he could finish she cut him off and rudely said "Well you didn't order anything on it." He informed her calmly that he did not get the chance to before the other employee went to the back to make it. (I understand he may have been confusing he is 71 and can be at times but there was no need for the sarcasm.) As he asked her if he could have items added she kept cutting him off and speaking as if he was a child in need of scolding. He was finally able ask for lettuce, tomatoes and some onions. She took the sandwich out the bag and stated in a sarcastic tone "It already has onions" then she walked away.

At this point I was becoming annoyed with her tone, attitude, body language and eye rolls. My father said it is OK don’t respond maybe she has had a bad day or not wanting to be at work. I said OK, but I have been in customer service, as well as simply having a job to know you leave it all at the door and treat people kindly..... Period.

When she came back with the sandwich she did no slam it hard but did forcefully put the sandwich down in front of him he smiled and said thank you. She spun around and did not respond as she walked away. At this point I am livid, my father speaks loud and clear and there was no way she did not hear him. I wanted to express my disappointment in her attitude, but again my father just smiled and said it was OK.

He opened his sandwich and it was a mess I expected it not to be perfect due to it being a hot sandwich that had been opened to add toppings but it l know it could have been more presentable. When my mother and I had ordered our sandwich the young man had cut our sandwich so my father said he would like his cut as well so he could handle it better. He walked up to the line and got in the back and was waiting for the young man to finish the order in front of him when she looked up from he register at the other end of the line and saw him she asked my father "What do you want" again her tone was less than professional. My father said he was just going to get him (the young man working with her) to cut his sandwich in half if he would.

She rolled her eyes reached down and got a plastic knife and held it in the air. My father who was still at the end of he line said he would rather have him cut the sandwich because if he used that knife the way it was it would tear it up. She sighed as though she was annoyed and tossed he knife back where she go i from. I had it by then I looked up how to make a complaint because her behavior was in my opinion very unprofessional.

We were the last customers in the store when we left due to me writing this comment. As we were walking out I heard her co workers ask her if those are the ones she was talking about and she said yeah them. I turned and looked at her and she was looking at us and looked annoyed.

I have never had a problem before and will return to Jersey Mike's but I will not return to this location as long as this rude and childish acting unprofessional employee is behind the counter. People do not pay hard earned money to be treated as if they are an aggravation for wanting what they paid for the way they like with a little friendly service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jersey Mikes Subs Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: No reason for poor quality, Others and my self being treated rudely.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jan 03.
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Another review from a supposed “happy customer” who has probably never taken the time to pay compliments to the establishment, but rushes right over here to complain about a single bad incident, after years of loyal, friendly service. Why would your father place an order and not wait to see if it was made correctly?

Who in their right mind goes to these shops where the food is prepared right in front of you, orders a meal as it is depicted on the letterboard, then LEAVES and waits for the poor employee to bring it out before making all these extra adjustments? If your dad is confusing or senile or old-people-picky, how about heading up there to help him? People in fast food are moving quickly. If the employee ran off too fast or whatever, it’s completely courteous and common practice to say “excuse me, I wasn’t finished ordering” and that’s that.

What a shame your nasty family ganged up on this woman. You sound like a real treat “oh and also.....oh and another thing..... oh now that you’ve walked BACK over here.... oh I don’t want my bread ‘all ripped up’.


oh can I have....” sheesh. Stay home next time folks


She sounds like a witch with a capital B. Contact Corporate.

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