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My daughter was asked to come in two weeks ago Thursday for an interview which when she went a paper was given to her to memorize the sub # name of the sub and the contents. They told her to come that following Sunday for a second interview.

On that Sunday Mallory at the Corona CA branch on Mc Kinley interviewed her and tested her which she didn't know all the sandwiches. Mallory told her to come back on that following Wednesday and if she knew all the sandwiches 100% she would get the job. She went to that same location on that Wednesday and Mallory sent her to the other location way across Corona so operations manager Katie could test her on the sandwiches which this time she knew 100%. She told my daughter you got the job she would be calling her.

Well a week went by and no one's called her. My daughter went in last night to follow up on her job and Mallory told her they were no longer hiring. They had my daughter go for 3 interviews drive across town spend hours memorizing the information for the sandwiches and told her she got the job and for what?

To tell her they weren't hiring. I will NEVER by another sandwich in any Jersey Mike's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jersey Mikes Subs Manager.

Location: 350 N McKinley St, Corona, CA 92878, USA

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ordered sub to go. Got home and opened bag and the sub smelled terrible.

It was not a steak and cheese. Adios Jersey mikes.

Hope you choke on my $8. Type your message here




Unfortunately this is common practice in the F&B industry and I have been guilty of it myself. On average (depending on how busy your location is and how many colleges are close by) you can have any where from 30-70 people apply for a hiring add. I cant see that many for Jersey Mike's but its easy to get forgotten about in a busy establishment...




Do you have a life?


Also maybe part of the reason they changed their mind is because mommy called in on behalf of her daughter. They know that she cannot handle responsibility without getting mommy's help.


This has nothing to do with fighting her daughters battles nor life in the real world. This is about respect for an individuals time.

It’s ok to say no after a yes but would it have hurt them to call her and explain that due certain circumstances that they would be unable to hire her at the moment, however they will keep her application on file. Employers feel that their time is more important than employees which is not true. They left her out there on a limb. Do you think it would be ok if she took the job and never showed up for her first day?


It’s called respect and it goes both ways. Don’t do to someone what you wouldn’t want done to you.


It has a lot to do with fighting her daughter's battles. How do we even know the daughter is telling the truth.

Like someone else stated. Perhaps her daughter lied to the mother? Whether the daughter is lying or not the daughter should be the one that is complaining not the mother.

If she is old enough to get a job she is old enough to make her own complaint. If the daughter is such a baby and comes to mommy everything something goes wrong how is she going to handle the pressure of working?


You Assume every thing is what you decide. Sad sad sad sick


I am just stating the truth. You are the {{Redacted}} one.

The OP is ASSuming that the daughter is being honest with her mother.

A grown woman should not go to mommy everytime something goes wrong. If the daughter is old enough to work, she should be old enough to fight her own battles.


Actually it isn't ok to say no after saying yes, your word is your bond and if you don't keep to it in circumstances like this you show your own worth. The proper way to handle it would have been thank you for your time, you are a leading candidate, we still have some more candidates to take a look at but we will let you know.

That's all you have to do.

The manager that jumps the gun and says yes and doesn't follow through lacks experience. I do agree with you 100% that it is a respect of time as well.


If your GROWN daughter cannot fight her own battles how is she going to be ae to do her job? It is a good thing they did not hire her. You would probably yell at them whenever someone told her off.


I agree, customers can be real rude sometimes. If she cannot handle rejection, how is she going to handle hostile customers. She cannot cry to mommy if the customer was rude to her and have her come to her work place and yell at the customer.


If you can't handle a few extra interviews and the occasional no after a yes, then you are going to have a rough time in the job market. It is VERY common for someone to offer a job only to determine that they no longer need that position filled. Life in the real world snowflakes.


You know it’s such a shame that the ones doing this kind of stuff don’t have any concern for the applicants time, energy, gas expense, mental anguish and future effect that this will have. Their headquarters should be made aware of this!

I’d be willing to bet with people like that, that they suddenly had a personal “friend” of theirs realize they were hiring and said hey I need a job and BAM all of your daughters effort went down the drain.

NOT OKAY! It makes me angry and I would never eat there again either!


QUOTE : " they suddenly had a personal “friend” of theirs " ::: very likely ; such things happen every minute. Our manufacturing business lost several customers of long and satisfactory standing when "the brother-in-law" worked for the competition - poof goes the business until they come crying back when B-I-L failed them ...


How do you even know the daughter is telling the truth. For all we know she could have failed the second interview and lied about it. Then claimed they changed their minds.


You ASSume because you are a liar, everyone else must be.


That is so wrong. This might a good sign, your daughter dodged a bullet

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